On the Vanity… Top Red Lipsticks

  Rouge Allure Ink in 154 Expérimenté The Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipsticks have a unique formula in which it “stains” your lips to your chosen shade the longer you wear it. The formula dries… View Post

Behind the Scenes

  There are two different sides to a personality. One that the world gets to see and the other that the world doesn’t. Often the personality out and about may or may not follow trends… View Post

Not All Black and White

  Often when I have made a mistake, or rather thought I have, it feels like it is the end. No grey area. I messed up or I didn’t. Being a perfectionist doesn’t often help… View Post

Glossier Empties

  Glossier. Basically a religion when it comes to beauty. I’ve yet to try a product from the holy grail that I did not like. It is rare when you can actually finish a product.… View Post

“His” Shirt, Your Way

The boyfriend shirt. An appropriate piece to discuss just after Valentine’s day, as you may still have one lying around your flat. It might now easily become something that “needs to be dry cleaned” forever… View Post