Winding Down

We all get to that point and some time or another when we have had enough. When the espresso won’t help and nor can any amount of pep talk. You feel like every moment is torture and… View Post

A Flâneur in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany One of my favourite words in french is flâneur. It means one who enjoys wandering around and taking in what’s around them. It is the perfect word to describe myself if I’m in… View Post

Not All Black and White

  Often when I have made a mistake, or rather thought I have, it feels like it is the end. No grey area. I messed up or I didn’t. Being a perfectionist doesn’t often help… View Post

Time Alone

When I first went anywhere alone it was when I moved to New York City for school and didn’t know a soul. Most of my close friends lived elsewhere and I didn’t initially have anyone… View Post