Salut! Welcome to my little world where you will find advice, fashion, and beauty chatter. Since the age of 2 (ok, maybe more like 10) my face was always planted in the pages of Teen Vogue and I could rattle off designers the way most kids rattle off their abc’s. Also, from an early age, I would draw said Vogue covers, editorial styles, and even fashion show invitations on my walls (listen, they were white and I had paintbrushes so they were asking for it). Since then, I have matured (I only draw in sketchbooks and on napkins) and I have travelled all over the world, seen Marie Antoinette more times than one person should, and graduated from performing arts school. From all of this I’ve learned loads and I constantly have friends asking for advice so I thought why not share said advice with not only close friends, but potentially a whole world of like minded friends. Like minded friends who love being nosy in what people are wearing and what products they love to use.

I hope you enjoy your stay, don’t be afraid to say hi, and leave comments! I leave you with two les bises on either cheek amis,

Une petite mademoiselle (named Taylor)



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