The perfect foundation is one of the hardest beauty essentials to match with. Finding the perfect shade, texture, and durability against everyday life is a hard holy trinity to come by. If you are a woman of colour like me, then that holy trinity is even harder to find. Every time my friends and I would get ready before a dance or even now before a night out, I would envy how they could try each others foundations or blushes and it would look equally beautiful on all of them give or take a shade or two. They had so many options. Foundations for me would either be a shade too light or dark and I would try and fix it with powder or bronzer and I only had about three brands that I could truly choose from.

Being of colour and trying to find a brand that offers more than two or three shades of brown is difficult. Even if a brand does have a few more shades on offer, the shades are often based on one undertone. I have run through pretty much all of Sephora and circled the beauty floor of Selfridges twice trying everything in between at various price points hoping to find a match.

My other issue is that I always run into is that I like to have a foundation that doesn’t feel like foundation. In the autumn/winter months, especially, I like to use a bit of foundation that doesn’t aid in drying my skin out. The autumn/winter climate has that covered, thank you. I’m also not one to follow beauty trends when it comes to my foundation finish, I always like to stick to a dewy complexion. One that looks healthy and fresh. Often foundations that do offer a decent range in my skin tone more often than not have a matte finish.

After giving up almost all hope, I’ve finally found the perfect foundation.

Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation is worth all of the hype and hysteria. It leaves a dewy finish that is light and legitimately feels like silk on the skin. The colour melts into my skin and enhances my blue undertones. Applied with a beauty blender, it leaves a perfect, flawless finish while still letting my natural skin shine through. A tiny bit goes a long, long way. If you like a bit more coverage I recommend adding little by little.

Not only does this product work, it also looks elegant in its glass bottle. The lid is secure and slides elegantly over the pump. I know that if I invest in a good foundation, if it looks as elegant as it feels, it’s always a bonus. I have combination skin that tends to get oily in places. The fact that this foundation works on all aspects of my face is a wonder in itself. It stays put and wears well throughout the day. Every time I wear this foundation people tell me how healthy my skin looks and ask what type of skincare I use. Unknown to them that my foundation is responsible for thirty percent of the work. (Skin care is and will always be first and foremost for me.)

This foundation comes in a variety of 24 shades covering a wide range of undertones. The technical coverage range lies in the middle. This translates to meaning this foundation isn’t so light that you might as well not even bother and it’s not a cake face situation either. It also works wonders on sensitive skin. Normally my skin has a heart attack at just about every little thing I put on it but it loves Armani. Believe me, once you try it, you will too.

My shade is 8.75



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