We all get to that point and some time or another when we have had enough. When the espresso won’t help and nor can any amount of pep talk. You feel like every moment is torture and you are running on empty. Anxiety has taken over. All of this can make relaxing seem too taxing a task to even take on.



I’ve found that there are a few ways to wind down that always work after a long day. These tips don’t take much and have helped me on many occasions.


Taking a Walk

One way I like release any anxiety or tension is to get moving. Especially if I have been stuck inside all day. A change in scenery alone can lift your spirits and calm you down. Parks are best if you live in a city and are a great place to watch people go by. One of my favourite parks is Kensington in London. I love to wander onto the little grass trails, listen to the birds, and get lost in thought for a bit.


Winding Down

Reading A Book

Nothing calms me down more than reading a book. Getting lost in pages are the best way to forget about any stress and wind down. After a long day, a light read, especially one that makes me laugh, is the best cure. Find a cozy spot and curl up for an hour or two. Grab a cup of tea and get lost in another world for a bit.


Get Away From Your Phone

This obviously isn’t an easy one, but extremely helpful. I don’t need to drone on and on about the benefits of getting off of your 7 inch screen for a bit. We all know this but for some reason we all basically ignore it. It’s like my fingers are on autopilot to Instagram every time my phone unlocks. I pick up the thing and don’t actually mean to. But it seriously does help with winding down by not looking at it for a while.

I find it helps if I literally put my phone out of sight. Not 10 km across the room, but just out of my direct line of sight. Switch it to silent and turn it upside down, that way you aren’t distracted by notifications. These little steps alone can help dramatically. I use the app Forest loads because it’s a game of whether or not I can not look at my phone for a given amount of time. I’m competitive even with myself so it really works.



Take a “Stress Nap”

Oh the stress nap. Nothing to laugh at; it seriously works. Recently I’ve been under a lot of stress and I have truly found that when you feel like you have had enough, just go to sleep. I woke up feeling so much better and could see things clearly. Obviously this works best when at home. Don’t knock out over your computer at work or in public but the moment you walk into the door at home, find your favourite spot and take a nap.

Sometimes, I know for me, I build up stories in my head of how a situation is going or going to go. All of that build-up can lead to chaos rather quickly and so taking a nap and waking up refreshed often erases a lot of the story I created. I wake up not caring so much about whatever stressed me out and feel so much better.


I hope that these tips can help the next time that you need to calm down. Let me know in the comments the ways you wind down. x



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