On my recent trip to San Francisco, I made an absolute bee-line to the Glossier Pop-Up at Rhea’s Café. The shop was an adorable, instagram heaven that I happily queued for a little over a half an hour for. Once inside I almost didn’t know where to look first. Even though I went in with a prepared Glossier shopping list (yes I’m that person), in my head it seemed that I was experiencing all of the products for the first time. All of the products were adorably set out in stations to for guest to try out which I took full advantage of.

Any Glossier girl knows that one frustration with buying makeup online is that you can’t physically test the products until it all arrives on your doorstep, which can prove to be a bit problematic when it comes to purchasing your perfect shade. I went straight for were Wowder and the Generation G lipsticks as they were at the top of my list. I can tell you first hand that testing the products in person did save me from ordering the wrong shades online which from the online pictures I thought I had nailed down.






There is an Instagram “set” for you to play in whilst you wait for your order which you place with one of the Glossier girls outfitted in pink jumpsuits . I had way to much fun playing around with the props at the tables. Once your order is ready it comes out in an adorable personalized café style take-away bag containing your order organised in Glossier’s signature pink pouches bien sur. Stickers obviously included.





If you are in the San Francisco area before April 15th than I highly suggest you make a trip to the pop-up. Check your Glossier stock at home and even if you aren’t as anal as I am, I do suggest making a pre-scanned list of the what you have. It guarantees you  don’t get duplicates or an item that isn’t even half empty on your shelf at home. Believe me, once you get inside the excitement will take over you. Just like when you say you don’t want cake and then before you know it you’ve eaten all of one covered in frosting.

I’m all for skincare being first priority when making a beauty purchase, but you get to stand in front of the products, make good use of this golden opportunity Glossier has bestowed upon you and try them on to get it your perfect shade or colour. Even if you can’t get all that you would like to (let’s admit it, it would be the whole damn place) upon your visit, keep note of your shades to order online at a later time.






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