Rouge Allure Ink in 154 Expérimenté

The Rouge Allure Ink liquid lipsticks have a unique formula in which it “stains” your lips to your chosen shade the longer you wear it. The formula dries fairly quick but due to the fact the formula is a bit thicker, once you are happy with the way it looks; leave it alone. Get the rest of your face ready to be seen in public and let it dry. It is one of the more nourishing liquid lipsticks I’ve come across and doesn’t turn your lips into a desert by 5pm. Rouge Allure Ink is a perfect if you are looking for a lipstick to wear to dinner or a night out because it “stains” over time, the initial lipstick application, I have found, naturally will come off but the base is still there. Leaving you with a kissable stain.



Sephora Liquid Lipstick in 18 (01 pairs well with this shade for an ombré effect)

Running into the candy store (a.k.a Sephora) can make anyone lose themselves to the many great luxury brands  each of its aisles has to offer. I call them aisles because they are small and everyone seems to find it impossible to move around one other. In all of the aimless wandering, (don’t act like you don’t do it) the actual Sephora range of products that normally rest smack in the middle of the store can be overlooked. Personally, I did it for ages. But that should be the first place you run to when you enter the store. The liquid lipsticks are some of the absolute best that I have ever purchased. The formula dries quick and these are my favourite liquid lipsticks to create ombre lip looks with. The colour payoff is amazing and they will take you through dinner, drinks, a blacked out Friday night, and all the way up to waking up next to “who-is-that?” without budging!



L’Absolu Rouge in 189 Isabella

I’ve raved and ranted about this lipstick before and it’s still one of my favourites as far as an original lipstick formula goes. The matte family in the L’Absolu Rouge range is my favourite and it is a great matte that stays put and doesn’t dry your lips out at all. It almost feels like a balm when you are wearing it. Often when I put it on, I soon forget that I have lipstick on at all until I make out with my coffee and realise I’m wearing it again. The packaging is also gorgeous. The subtle click of the top of the lipstick is a gorgeous touch that adds a little extra glamour to putting on lipstick. It also makes it handbag proof as it won’t pop open under the pressure of your entire life in which you have managed to stuff in there.



Rouge Dior 999 Matte

I need not introduce the wonder, the legend, that is Dior 999. To name this lipstick and shade as a classic is an understatement. It is a life necessity; just like water, avocados, and a strong internet connection. It is flattering on just about everyone and the packaging is so stunning you will want to set it on your vanity just to stare at it and feel more “grown up”. One must experience this legend for one’s self so go out and just buy one. Don’t look at the price, don’t cringe when you hand over your card, just close your eyes and do it. Just like you normally do if you visit Space NK.



Burberry Full Kisses in No. 553 Military Red

The full kisses lipsticks are a traditional lipstick formula that feel like a highly pigmented balm when you apply them but have the colour payoff of as if you painted your lips with acrylic paint. ( I shouldn’t have to tell you lot not to try that). The colour also seems to go on and then melt into your lips leaving you with a glossy, rich finish. This red is the perfect red to take you into spring. If you have a darker skin tone, as I do, it is a brighter red. If you are lighter in tone, than it will be a bit more of a blue toned red but on the brighter end of the spectrum. As with many of Burberry’s products, the packaging is perfect for being on the go as it fits into everything. The square shape of the bullet is perfect for shaping on the go. You also don’t need a ton of product either to get the colour impact. A couple of swipes and you’re all set.

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