Glossier. Basically a religion when it comes to beauty. I’ve yet to try a product from the holy grail that I did not like. It is rare when you can actually finish a product. It speaks to the fact that it works, your skin didn’t want to wage war with it, and that you will probably purchase it again. Here are the products that I have emptied and which I would recommend you put into your basket at once.


*Side note, mon amis, I would never want to mislead any of you, so this is my skin type I’m beginning with using these products. As for the skin on my face, I have combination skin that doesn’t fuss too much. I don’t get many blemishes and have very few spots. For my skin everywhere else, it is sensitive and tends to dry out easily, especially when it’s the time of year when the wind hurts your face.




This is without question my favourite everyday shower cleanser. A product that is normally not a very thrilling purchase (face serums are so much more fun), shower cleanser is something that you use everyday and should be treated with the same exclusivity (and attitude) that you approach a cleanser for your face with. This cleanser takes all of the rules that a face cleanser would abide by and reworks them perfectly for your body.




What the Product Claims

A gentle cleaner for your whole body that is gentle and smells heavenly. Based in an oil formula is actually scrubs you clean without leaving your skin dry and stiff.


What the Product Actually Does

What the hell it says. This cleaner does not disappoint. First off the smell. It is a much milder version of the Jo Malone Orange Blossom, which I love. If you are not familiar with the Jo Malone scent, Body Hero smells as if you took a bunch of orange peels, then some fresh flowers, and then drowned them all in water for an hour. Then you took a whiff of that water. It is light and fills your shower steam with a garden of freshness and lightness. It is very gentle and you can use it everywhere. It isn’t stripping or irritating. The fact that I used this cleanser, beginning in the winter months, says a lot. My skin hates pretty much everything in the winter but this cleanser honestly feels nourishing and moisturinsing.





This moisturizer!! It possess the same smell as its counterpart but is light enough to almost disappear after fifteen minutes or so. That saying, it won’t clash with your perfume. It is nourishing throughout the day (even in winter) without being too heavy.



What the Product Claims

A nourishing body cream that absorbs quickly and leaves your skin with a healthy glow.


What the Product Actually Does

Again, Glossier isn’t just blowing smoke up their own arses, this cream does as it says. This moisturizer is nourishing and does absorb quickly. It is a dream body cream. The lotion has small (and I do mean small) particles of sparkle within it but not in an extra, tacky way. They are so tiny that I didn’t notice them at first, but my skin looked healthy and “glowy”.








My favourite in the Supers family. Super Bounce is extreamly moisturizing and your skin feels plump and perfect after you use it.



What the Product Claims 

A hyaluronic acid serum that plumps skin and restores elasticity.


What the Product Actually Does

It is a perfect serum. Especially, for the winter months and the transitional few weeks into spring. It adds moisture to tired skin and is invaluable when you have the heat blasting inside and want 90 coats on outside. This serum kept my skin soft and feeling plumply hydrated. It is a thick formula which, I will admit, takes a bit to get use in terms of figuring out how much to use.  I found that a little product goes a long way . Personally I use about three drops applied directly to my face. I have a pea head for the record.


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    Great post! I love your photos! Thanks for sharing!!

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