IMG_2883 I tell myself the goals and various character traits and habits that I want to change or improve on. I put so much pressure on myself to make sure that once the clock strikes 00:00 on the 1st I will no longer make any other mistakes. That every character flaw and bad habit doesn’t exist anymore and if I commit any of them, I have failed. That all of a sudden I’m a new person on January 1st. Sound familiar?

This year I decided to be honest with myself and to not punish myself. Relieve myself of the self inflicted anxiety of the clock striking midnight. If you are anything like me, making resolutions just stresses me out. I end up overthinking and planning every little detail. I’m not doing it anymore. It just doesn’t help. Instead, for 2018 I’m setting goals I want to achieve, of course, but I’m not planning every little detail of how I get there. I also gave myself the first week of the year to decided truthfully what those goals are. I encourage you all to do the same. Take time to really focus on what you want to achieve this year. Be realistic with yourself. If you want to change something you don’t really like then do so, but be realistic. If you “mess up” a few days or weeks this year, it’s ok. This is the mantra that I am also giving myself.

I wish you all Bonne Année and that you achieve all you set out to in 2018! x


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