When I first went anywhere alone it was when I moved to New York City for school and didn’t know a soul. Most of my close friends lived elsewhere and I didn’t initially have anyone to hang out with. At first, I was afraid to go to the cinema alone or lunch. I felt that people would just feel sorry for me that I was being stood up or that I didn’t have friends.


I dont know what came over me one day but while I was sitting in my little box of an “apartment” I decided to get over it and go out. I ended up doing just what I was afraid of the most. I went to the cinema and shakily asked for one ticket. Afterward, I took myself for lunch and then bought myself a book and some macaroons. I sat in Central Park for the rest of the afternoon and had the best time and the day surprisingly uplifted my mood instead if scaring me to death.

Being “alone” is a real luxury because you are forced to observe what is around you which is a rarity today. We always have our phones permanently attached to our hands and our eyeballs glued so it is common to miss what is going on in our immediate environment. Although it can be awkward at first, being alone, you are forced to spend time with yourself and yourself alone. No one is coming to meet you and you aren’t waiting on anyone. In the spirit of “new” that everyone seems to have in autumn, myself included, here are a few activities that I challenge you do alone this season. Activities that are great if you have never ventured out alone and that I learned things about myself while doing them and I think you will too.

Go to the cinema to see that film that you really want to see.

Grab an espresso, sit, and enjoy.

Take a long walk in the park.

Check out that new restaurant you keep seeing.

Explore a new part of your city.


Style Notes: Top, Sézane | Trousers, Primark | Shoes, Zara | Sunglasses, Burberry

Let me know in the comments what you like to do when you have a day to yourself.

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