On my recent trip back to London I found myself sitting in my seat and all of my essentials laid out in from of me. How lost my skin would be without them. Yes, amenities kits are great and often will come with a moisturiser, possibly an eye cream, and some lip balm, but are they right for your skin? More of then than not they probably aren’t. The last thing you want is a breakout before you start a holiday. Everyone’s skin is different and in so by now I’m sure you know how your skin reacts on flights and which problems arise. Here are my essentials, that are great and budget friendly that I take with me and maybe they will give you a few ideas of what try out and also take with you on your next trip.


I can not stress this enough! No amount of eye cream of moisturiser can replace water. No matter what a product claims on the package or how much it cost, it isn’t water. The first thing I do before getting on a flight is I grab the largest water I can find. Yes, I know, reusable water bottles are best but sometimes it can be difficult to fit into your bag and can sometimes cause problems going through security so I normally just grab a large Evian before boarding and immediately as for the largest bottle I can get onboard.



Glossier Super Bounce

I’ve been a long fan of serums and have tried many but for travel especially Glossier’s Super Bounce is marvellous. Its a heavier serum that a little goes a long way. Also, because of the heavier consitentcy it does not leak out once in the high altitude which is a problem that I have faced before. I like to apply it once in the air, mid-flight, and then again just before landing.

Glosser Balm DotCom in Coconut

I could rant on and on about how much I love Balm DotCom. It’s extremely moisturising and you can use it on your cuticles as well which is great because if your anything like me your hands tend to get really dry on planes. You don’t need much as a little can get you far but it smells so delicious that you may find yourself addicted to applying it. I know I am.

Avène Eau Thermale

Speaking of addicting products, Avène Thermal Spring water is something that I carry around with me all the time anyway and I wouldn’t dream of not having it with me on a flight. It is perfect for sensitive skin and truly is extremely refreshing and moisturising. Just spray and spray away to your hearts desire.

Cowshed Cow Slip Moisturiser

This moisturiser was a new find for me. My usual hand cream I take form Kiehl’s had run out just before my trip and I didn’t have a chance to replace it before this trip so I looked into my amenities kit and found this little gem. Cowshed products are amazing and I’ve tried a few before and I was interested to see how this held up. As I said before, my skin hates the airplane air and any old lotion won’t do so this one had it’s work cut out for it. I can happily say that it is amazing. It kept my hands moisturised and soft. I did have to keep applying it a bit more often than my other moisturiser but I will look to purchase a full size of this Cowshed one for future trips.



Dior Diorshow Mascara

I never wear makeup on the plane, ever! But upon arrival there are a few things I like to do to freshen up and not arrive looking like a zombie. Diorshow is a tried and true favourite of mine and I received this little version in a gift kit from Sephora and its perfect for security. A apply a few swipes before landing to wake my eyes up.

Glossier Coud Paint in Beam

I am obsessed with Cloud Paints. They are tiny and really do wake up your face. For my complexion Beam adds a tiny bit of colour while also adding a nice warmth to my skin. the result makes me look well rested and awake.

Let me know in the comments of the essentials that you can’t live without on a flight.

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