Lingerie. That word either makes you interested, happy, or puts the fear of whatever-higher-power-you-believe-in into you. I don’t know if it’s my obsession with love or if it’s because I genuinely love running around in bear minimum clothes at home (don’t ask why) but I fall into the happy feeling category. Doesn’t matter if no one will ever see it other than myself, if there is one thing that I like to collect for myself it’s lingerie.

I have found that the secret in not dreading the word and shopping for said word, lies in knowing your own body, not comparing yourself to others (impossible in today’s world, I know), and only purchasing it because you love it, not because you feel you should for whatever reason.

It took me ages, and I do mean AGES, to find the perfect brands and fits for me. I don’t give the advice lightly to really knowing what kind of body type you have lightly. As a member, (almost president) of the IBTC (The Itty-Bitty Tittie Committee), I was always jealous of friends who didn’t have to ask for an XS top when getting a bathing suit. But then I started to realize that I am who I am so I should start to embrace the body I have. With that said, I branched out and separated from good old Victoria’s Secret to find bras that were sans padding, brands that catered to small bust, and with quality pieces that would last.

So if you are like me and tired of padding and a member of the IBTC especially, here is a guide and small introduction to a few of my favourite lingerie brands. Perfect for building or enhancing the perfect collection:

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Valentine NYC

This brand is perfect for building a core collection from scratch. The price point is great and the quality is amazing. The collections are simple but gorgeous and with zero padding in sight which is what first drew me to the brand. The sizes range from XS to L (American sizing) so none of that number nonsense which I feel everyone guesses at anyway (but I do recommend getting fitted once a year). The sets are so beautiful and so adorable together that you will easily find yourself unable to only get the bra.


This absolutely stunning label based in Paris is my favourite out of the bunch. Again, the collections are simple in design, but have character. It’s lingerie for everyday but feels like the pieces that you would “save for special occasions”. The sizing is diverse starting around a 80A to 95C or 30A to 36C if you are using the American measuring system and the styles go with any fashion style. The pieces are so pretty that you will not want to fully get dressed in the morning and be tempted to just throw on a trench and heels. I’m serious.

Agent Provocateur

Oh the black tied bows on a shiny new pink Provocateur box. This brand is, again sans padding, and the pieces are intricate and ornate at times but not always over the top. This brand is perfect for the lingerie connoisseur who thinks she has it all but can always add a new piece to her collection. Even though you will pay a pretty penny for one of these gorgeous pieces they are absolutely 100% worth the money. I highly recommend the “Icons” collection as there you will find great “basics” to invest in that will last you ages and ages. The sizing does goes by the standard numbers system but I highly recommend going into one if their boutiques and trying the pieces on for yourself before purchasing. The sizes are almost a rounded off number that could actually fit a few bust sizes.

Let me know in the comments which brands you are loving and what sizes they are perfect for. I’m of course recommending for my body type because it’s what I know, but if you are not a member of the IBTC (lucky duck) then please leave your recommendations for other lucky ducks to check out.


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