The other day I found myself at Ladurée with a friend over tea and macaroons. My phone went off and I went to search for it and of course it was at the very bottom of my bag (why is it always at the bottom!?). As usual with me, everything in the bag had to come out. As I shuffled through the black hole that is my handbag I realised that no matter what other “necessities” I have with me, two items are always present; My lipstick and fragrance. These two items can get you anywhere. They can liven up any outfit, and truthfully make you feel better at any given moment. I know that for me, a swipe of red lipstick is an instant confidence boost and the perfect fragrance always makes me feel like myself again.

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For me, lipstick and fragrance are the two beauty items that you really should invest your time searching for and (only if it’s a perfect match) not feel so bad about spending just a little more money on. Both items can last you ages and can really help make up your personal identity. Here are my tips for finding the perfect lipstick shade (whether it’s nude, red, pink, or purple) and the perfect scent to bring out your personality and best self.

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Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Isabella

If you love it, love it. If you hate it, forget it.

Trends come and go and thanks to social media they are fed into our brains almost 24/7. But when it comes to finding the perfect lipstick or fragrance IGNORE ALL OF IT! Trends are fleeting and come and go as fast as the wind so listening to them is pointless. Especially when trying to search for something that will become a classic for you. If you like bright pink and trends say go red, get the brightest pink you can find. If you like deep heavy scents and the trend is to go light and airy, get the deepest, darkest scent you can find. You get what I’m saying, love it, keep it. Hate it, chuck it.

Take your time

As the saying goes, all great things take time. When looking for the perfect lipstick especially this is an essential rule. With so many brands and formulas on the market it can almost seem like a hopeless search but be patient mon amis, your perfect shade is out there. Personally, I have found that Lancôme and Dior have wonderful ranges of colours and textures that can work on many different skin tones if you are looking for a place to start.

Listen to compliments

When someone tells you, or many people for that matter, that your fragrance smells nice, listen to them. Fragrance is tricky. The same fragrance can smell wonderful on your friend and then smell rubbish on you. In some cases, a fragrance can even smell different in the bottle as oppose to how it smells when you spray it on. So take compliments into account. Same with lipstick, if many people compliment you on a red lip or they say that your face looks brighter due to a nude, you probably have found your shade without even knowing it.


Ok, go with me on this. All, if not most of us, have a “Pinterest” version of ourselves. That girl or guy that has they life they want, the job they want, and can throw the best parties with cute mason jar cocktails. When searching for your lipstick shade and fragrance, think about what your dream self would wear. How does your dream self live? These questions alone are unique to you and your aspirations. By keeping these questions in mind you will pick scents and shades that are unique to you and your style.

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Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose is my favourite for the summer-to-autumn season


Let me know in the comments which brands and scents you are all loving right now and share any tips you have for finding the perfect pair.

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