Unless you live on a deserted island with no internet access, people, or birds (if you do then cool, here is your intro then) you have heard of Glossier. A brand that is straight-to-basket upon every product launch and for good reason. One bit I love about Glossier is its statement of choice. If you want to wear makeup go for it, if you don’t, then great it’s up to you. With all of this “choice” it can be hard to make a choice at all.
With the brand now expanding its reach to the UK, Canada, and soon France, I decided to narrow down the Glossier basics to put straight into your basket whether you are trying the brand out for the first time or if you are on a budget and only want to grab a one or two items to try next. After trying basically everything, these are the products that I feel are truly unique to Glossier. Formulas that don’t really exist in other brands. (Also, did I mention that every order comes with stickers?!)

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Milky Jelly Cleanser

Starting with skincare, this cleanser is absolutely brilliant. I have the most sensitive skin and the most random of things irritate it but this cleanser is perfect. I personally don’t use it to take makeup off, as I use a micellaire water on a day to day basis, but I have used it for makeup removal once or twice and it really does get it all off. I use it as part of my night routine especially after makeup removal and sometimes in the morning but only a half pump just to remove any grime from sleeping.
It’s nice for a fresh start to my morning routine.

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Boy Brow
Before anything else on your face your brows should be top makeup priority in my opinion. They frame your face and should be left as close to their natural shape as possible but clean. Everyone of us I’m sure has either done it themselves or know someone who has fallen victim to over plucking or filling. Boy brow is the perfect product to keep your brows looking their best. The light wax formula keeps you brows where you brush them and it stays put. You can opt for the clear colour pigment if you don’t want any added colour to lightly fill them in or go for a shade in blonde, brown, or black.

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Cloud Paint
Blush can be scary and if overdone it can look scary too. It’s an easy mistake to make and a crime I regretfully have committed more than once. Application being tricky already, finding the perfect colour shade can also be tough. Cloud Paint is pigmented enough to give you a nutural flushed colour and light enough so it’s actually almost impossible for you to apply to much. When applied it looks like you have a healthy glow and colour that really brightens your face. It comes in four sunset inspired shades that work well on any skin tone and work well together if you want to mix and match.

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Balm Dotom

When it comes to lip balm I am a bit obsessed. Next to lipstick it is the one thing that I will buy multiples of from different brands and different formulas. I end up with a pile of them that I convince myself of the use for each one and why they are slightly different. Upon purchasing Glossier’s version of lip balm balm I found myself wondering how I have even lived before this product. It’s a universal balm that is not only brilliantly moisturising for lips but is great for cuticles as well. With autumn and winter coming up this must have to beat the dryness that the colder months can bring. Balm Dotom comes in five different mouthwatering scents and two include a light pigment as well. My personal favourites at the moment are Mint and Coconut.


Let me know in the comments which Glossier products are at the top of you list.

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