We are all looking and are on the hunt for the “one”. The perfect partner and crime. While yes, a lover on your arm is nice, I’m talking about mascara. That one beauty product that opens the “windows to the soul” and is honestly the hardest product to match with.
Much like dating, I have been searching for the “one” for years. I’ve tried many different brands from high street to high end and while some start out great, within a fortnight the honeymoon phase I felt for it has worn off and its new lustre from the store is gone. It’s like a new relationship. It’s bright and new and then true colours start to show and it’s down hill from there.
Lancôme has long been known for amazing mascaras. It was the first brand I ever tried when I started buying makeup. It has always been a favourite but again, much like dating, you always want to explore options (hence the long aforementioned hunt for the “one”). After my years of searching I had almost given up hope until I met my Mr. Big (sorry had to) Monsieur BIG. Lancôme has outdone themselves with this mascara. You really will want to bin your other mascaras after just one swipe. Its bold glossy black colour makes your lashes seem a trillion times fuller and bolder. The brush is full and really does catch every lash for amazing volume. I was amazed at what a difference it made to my eyes. It’s perfect for day, evening, and obviously date night.

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