Starting a Lingerie Collection

Lingerie. That word either makes you interested, happy, or puts the fear of whatever-higher-power-you-believe-in into you. I don't know if it's my obsession with love or if it's because I genuinely love running around in bear minimum clothes at home (don't ask why) but I fall into the happy feeling category. Doesn't matter if no... Continue Reading →

Your Perfect Pair

The other day I found myself at Ladurée with a friend over tea and macaroons. My phone went off and I went to search for it and of course it was at the very bottom of my bag (why is it always at the bottom!?). As usual with me, everything in the bag had to... Continue Reading →

Wands and Instruments

Ever since I was little I have loved going to the ballet. From that I developed a great appreciation for classical music which continues to this day. I find myself listening to movie scores all the time. Most of my Spotify listening record is classical music on my downtime. With all this in mind the... Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Glossier

Unless you live on a deserted island with no internet access, people, or birds (if you do then cool, here is your intro then) you have heard of Glossier. A brand that is straight-to-basket upon every product launch and for good reason. One bit I love about Glossier is its statement of choice. If you... Continue Reading →

Bonjour Monsieur

We are all looking and are on the hunt for the "one". The perfect partner and crime. While yes, a lover on your arm is nice, I'm talking about mascara. That one beauty product that opens the "windows to the soul" and is honestly the hardest product to match with. Much like dating, I have... Continue Reading →

Home Away From Home

If you are anything like me, Harry Potter is not just a series of books or a franchise of movies, it's home. It's the comfort zone you come back to again and again. When the films air on TV, you watch them intently as if you have never seen them before. You take immense pride... Continue Reading →

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