Winding Down

We all get to that point and some time or another when we have had enough. When the espresso won’t help and nor can any amount of pep talk. You feel like every moment is torture and… View Post

Long-Haul Flight Essentials

Let’s be completely honest, long haul flights are not fun. I say this with heart as I sit writing this at 31,000 ft. No matter where you are on the plane, no matter what class… View Post

A Flâneur in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany One of my favourite words in french is flâneur. It means one who enjoys wandering around and taking in what’s around them. It is the perfect word to describe myself if I’m in… View Post

Statement Jackets

The weather is finally starting to change – sort of. As is gets warmer so begins that annoying time of year when if you wear a jumper and a coat you may burst into flames… View Post

Popping Into Glossier

San Francisco, California On my recent trip to San Francisco, I made an absolute bee-line to the Glossier Pop-Up at Rhea’s Café. The shop was an adorable, instagram heaven that I happily queued for a… View Post